Life As A Barnacle

Life As A Barnacle

What would make you happy? This is the question that little barnacle Abraham ponders as he floats out and looks for a place to stick. As he meets other barnacles in oyster colonies, on piers, and along the bottom of a boat he is tempted to stay but decides to continue on his journey towards happiness. Suddenly he finds himself quite alone but surrounded by beauty. The happiness that swells from within is not only exciting but also enlightening. He discovers that he doesn’t need anything or anyone in order to be happy. And when he faces a scary situation, he trusts in his decision and discovers his courage will guide him to his new home. 

The artistry of author and illustrator Eli Basler is incredibly beautiful.

Though this is his first picture book, you can see his talent beautifully illustrated on each page. This book would be ideal inspiration for a child who is facing a daunting decision, feeling alone, or wondering about their future path. It teaches independence and courage and while there are many positive messages here, the sweet story and gentle journey under the sea make for a great bedtime read.

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