August Skies

August Skies

Even if you’re a full time working professional, there is something about fall that feels like new beginnings. I liken it to the quote from “You’ve Got Mail” where the reference to a “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils” celebrates the anticipation of setting off to school and onto other novel adventures.

In this picture book by Kathleen Souza, there is a new adventure about to begin high in the August Skies.

As fall begins to unfold, Big Star is softly letting go of Little Star who’s preparing to soar off toward her new life in the galaxy. While there are shared fears, the mutual sense of loss and the worry about pending mistakes, Big Star offers bolstering words of encouragement including “Trust in yourself” and “Be the star I know you can be.”

This book celebrates the transition that fall brings with children starting back to school, leaving for college, or even off toward a new life adventure. While there is excitement around this annual cycle of change there are also fears. Starting something new can trigger anxiety, but the lovely images and calming prose peppered throughout this book feel like a calming warm blanket on a cool summer night.

Coupled with the gentle words of encouragement and the shared anticipation from caregivers, this book will always act as reminder of the lifeline of support that exists for children (and adults) as they anticipate their own August adventure. 

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