Dystopian fans unite! The debut young adult book by Erin Carrougher is a stellar hit. Ashton is living in what was once called Seattle, subjected into a rigid caste-system. The Suits, those who have the technology and luxury to live a free life, and those, like rebellious Ashton who is left to survive by obedience to the Suits. But when someone she loves is threatened, she abandons her life of quiet servitude to rebel against the corrupt corporate apparatus thats ruling society, sheltering secrets, and perpetuating horrific truths.

This is a unique story in that it brings front and center a likable and relatable character, despite the genre-setting.

Ashton is a hero for all generations and warrior that many youth could identify with. Her human side is exposed, and though her vulnerabilities are triggered, Ashton believes firmly in risking everything to change society and uplift the greater good.

A great fantasy and fun read. Any time a book gives you a chance to disappear from reality and get behind a three-dimensional protagonist, its worth a read. Augland by Erin Carrougher is a book that makes you think, makes you cry, and makes you believe that the impossible is no longer unattainable.

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