Electric Body, Electric Health: Using the electromagnetism within (and around) you to rewire, recharge and raise your voltage

Electric Body, Electric Health: Using the electromagnetism within (and around) you to rewire, recharge and raise your voltage

I love a resource that guides readers through a process of understanding how to use what is already within to achieve a better state of being. This book by Eileen Day McKusick is one of those rare books that offers a new way of looking at our ‘wiring’ and how we can tap into our body’s energy to create emotional and physical healing.

McKusick, an expert in the field of sound energy manipulation, introduces the idea of attending to electromagnetism and using biofield tuning to manipulate plasma matter—electrically charged gas.

This process heals our bodies from the inside out. In Electric Body, Electric Health, McKusick is thorough in sharing her research and scientific evidence that this medium for energy manipulation not foreign to Tesla and Einstein. But don’t let me lose you here. Instead, open your mind (and body) to this proven and science-based method for retuning the body.

The biofield tuning process works to re-align energy ways and release blockages stored in the body. The energy field is a map of the mind and when you learn how to manipulate this energy for self-healing and release, you free yourself from pain and open up to a more fruitful way of living. In simplistic terms, a severe backache stemming from repressed emotional baggage can be healed by using sound to re-align the electrical field in that area. The energy, frequency and vibrations that run through and around our bodies are often out of sync and when you are able to restore the balance, you’ve cleared the space for healing. She provides a fundamental outline for self-work. The reader can learn to use some of the techniques for healing and releasing resistance to healing.

Imagine, a non-invasive way to heal pain stemming from emotional baggage and repressed suffering. It’s an incredible proposition. But here’s the thing. McKusick and her trained practitioners have been healing people throughout the world for years with this technique. The proof is in the pudding and that validates my belief. This is a somewhat complex but utterly fascinating field and I know that I will not do it justice in my brief review. But I heartily encourage you to read this book and visit McKusick’s site to learn more.

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