Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen

She got it wrong, big time, with her first lucky break as a budding television reporter in Charleston SC, and now, newswoman Britt Shelley is on the run for her life.

The book opens with a shaken, confused and disoriented Britt who finds herself in a strange environment, a strange bed and no memory of how she got there. And when she finds Jay Burgess, the hero detective of the Charleston P.D. lying next to her, dead, her life will never be the same. What unravels next is a suspense-filled race to discover Jay’s killer and who set up Britt to take the fall. Her quest for answers takes her back five years to her first big professional story that is strangely linked to Jay’s death and also holds the key to her future.

If you like a good suspenseful mystery that delves into the guilty mind and associated human behavior, Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown is the book for you. This book taps into this delicate emotion of fear and explores all the peculiar ways humans react when their survival instinct kicks in.

It’s scary to think how easily situations can be manipulated to cast the spotlight on an innocent as a criminal. Sure, everyone has their motives. And while many are innocuous or well-intended, there are those individuals when wracked with guilt and fearing the worst, will do anything to save their hides.

In Smoke Screen, the innocence of friendship and the bond of trust is forever tainted now that Britt has seen the very worst in people that she believed she could count on. And not only is her trust shaken, but her professional integrity—and life—are suddenly on the line.

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