Wild Yoga: A Practice of Initiation, Veneration & Advocacy for the Earth

Wild Yoga: A Practice of Initiation, Veneration & Advocacy for the Earth

This is one of those books that really makes you think. It certainly made me think—in all kinds of new ways.

I started out reading Wild Yoga by Rebecca Wildbear wondering where she was taking me. It reads much like a journal, and is a bit esoteric and metaphysical, so at first, I balked at how this book would help me. Please know, Im not immune to this style, in fact, I welcome it. But if its a personal authors journal, Im not sure that thats my style.

But I kept on. Then after I got halfway through the first chapter, something shifted.

I found myself swept up in Wildbears prose and the visuals she painted as she got in touch with nature and gave herself over to the ecological journey that changed her life, and health, for the better. No, its not just another take a deep breath and your problems will go away” tome. Nor is it a list of healthy activities to give you more energy. Rather, its a heartfelt, personal expression of how connecting to the spirit of the environment encourages a relinquishment of superficial, and health-deteriorating, control. That intrigued me. Especially, since this young wilderness guide overcame cancer on her journey.

With every paragraph, I wanted to walk alongside Rebecca, fasting in nature, becoming one with the earth, and reconnecting to my soul.

It sounds so soothing and so enlightening. But she doesnt simply weave a mystical, desirable, yet unreachable dream. Rather, in each chapter she outlines reachable ideas and exercises to embark on a similar healing path no matter where you are in life. From corporate crazy, to urban locked, Wild Yoga is doable. But its a mindset. An escape, but more important, a deep dive into getting in touch with nature and appreciating all its gifts. When youre ready to reconnect with your soul, this is your guide.

On a personal note, I wasnt sure if this was a book I would review, as its my policy to only provide positive reviews on this site. But after I delved into the heart of chapter one, I did a one-eighty, and found it a book that I wanted to keep by my journal. Soon, I found myself using Wildbears musings as prompts for thoughtful meditation, coupled with the suggested practices, recommended asanas, and queries that challenged my assumptions.

This book transformed from an enigma to a trusted, uplifting, inspirational resource for hope.

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