Frankie’s Fishy Feelings

Frankie’s Fishy Feelings

This book was written by a high school student, Quincy Kaden. When she was twelve, she went to her first therapy session which helped Ms. Kaden discover the fishy feeling” shed been battling for so long was called anxiety. She believed she was alone in this battle. As she grew older and learned more about mental illness, she discovered many other students, and those in the general population, felt the same way. Ms. Kaden wrote this book to help children (and adults) discover their inner strength and unearth their anxiety toolbox.

Little Frankie has strong emotional reactions to going to school and attending classes. But when she went to therapy she learned that this can be a very common and normal reaction for other fish (and children). With help, Frankie learned several strategies to manage this feeling called anxiety. These strategies are tools that you can use too.

This is a clever and honest story written by a brave young lady. Many youths today struggle with mental health and feel isolated, ashamed, or uncertain. This book is a call to arms and awareness and, in my opinion, a must-have in all classrooms. I imagine this also to be a powerful read-a-loud during story time knowing full well there are youngsters struggling who feel alone in their battle with anxiety.

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