Out Of the Darkness: Book One in the Courageous Series

Out Of the Darkness: Book One in the Courageous Series

This historical novel by David A. Jacinto is a journey into the soul—both the author’s and the readers’. Pulling from his family history and deep research into the mid-nineteenth century coal mining industry, Jacinto spins a riveting tale of rags to riches that centers on family and traditions.

Tom Wright enters the coal mines at the tender age of seven.

Following his family’s working legacy, he is introduced to the industry by his father. The work is thankless, dangerous, and terribly frightening to young Tom. But determined to contribute to the family’s survival, he works tirelessly under the brutal conditions and dreams of a better life. His beloved mother insists Tom keeps up with his education, which, in time, empowers him to rise beyond working class. Overcoming one tragedy after another, young Tom continues to rise after each fall in his pursuit of a better life for himself and his family.

This book is the birth of an intriguing family saga, an engrossing tale of dreams, heartbreak, and triumph. What I especially love is the attention to detail and the personal touch Jacinto weaves into this book. His own story mirrors Tom’s struggle to achieve his dreams and become a success in his profession and as an author. The impetus behind writing this book is also deeply personal.

“David A. Jacinto explores his family’s history and unpacks issues of class warfare and child labor against the backdrop of England’s Industrial Revolution.

For lovers of historical fiction, family sagas, and epic novels, and possibly—mini-series worthy stories—this a must read.

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