My Beta Reading Deadline.

My Beta Reading Deadline.

As an author and a critique partner, beta reading is always top of mind. This month, I have a looming deadline to get my WIP ready for beta readers to dig into. I also have two books to beta read and review for another author.

While I would like to say the holiday season slows down and I get a break, it seems as if the end of the year really ramps up.

I’m not sure if other writers and authors feel the same, but it seems to be my busiest season. Now, that doesn’t mean I can’t work to get ahead earlier in the year, but it’s challenging. Life is busiest in the spring, summer, and fall. Trips, conferences, retreats, family, and well, sunshine makes it challenging to sit in front of a laptop most of the day.

So, this season while many are taking things a little slower and spending more time in seasonal activities, I’ll be dodging through raindrops toward a looming deadline. But make no mistake—this is fun. And I do take time off to be with family and friends. It’s just one of those seasons where I take advantage of the slow down to ramp up.

How about you?

More time for reading or writing, or is this your “slowing down” season?

Please share your holiday plans below. Even if it means a whole lot of eggnog and beaching in the Bahamas. I need to live vicariously.

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