The Princess Who Loved Hot Chocolate

The Princess Who Loved Hot Chocolate

Sounds like the title of my next picture book. And maybe it is. Stay tuned.

But let’s look at the logic of this statement. It really hits the target on just how many of us—real-life princesses and princes—love a good hot chocolate as a celebratory elixir.

But as Simon Sinek would ask, “What’s Your Why?”

Wait, what do I mean by this?

“The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us,” according to Sinek. So I would like to toss out the question to you. In that moment, what is your “Why?”

Why are you taking this moment for yourself?

What’s your motivation?

Who or what are you celebrating?

Why are you on this path?

Think about it. Every time hot chocolate is served, it’s typically at a very fairytale moment in the day. It might be before bedtime fueling visions of sugarplums or on a snowy afternoon after a magical morning of sledding and skating. Or your hot chocolate may be the turn around for a bad day at work, sharing a dreamy moment with that special someone or especially your child.

Let’s be honest; hot chocolates are often reserved for special times and can truly “turn a frown upside down.” Yes, I guess you could say the same for a glass of vino too.

Yes, there is something magical about this treat.

So what is your “why” when you indulge in hot chocolate? Are you racing through the moment so fast that you’re missing the context and the point? Has the experience become so diluted (point intended) that you’ve forgotten to use the trigger of hot chocolate (insert your favorite elixir here) as a way to stop and reflect on “why” you are celebrating? And with whom?

I’ll toss in a metaphorical story here.

I once knew a princess who loved hot chocolate so much that she decreed nothing else would be served in her kingdom except for hot chocolate. She loved her hot chocolate so much because it reminded her of special times she spent with her father, the king, celebrating a day of hard labor as they worked side by side helping the people of her kingdom during harvest time.

It also was a treat that she shared with the children whom she visited in the royal hospital. It lifted their spirits and hers, as well.

It also was a treat that her mother would share with her when she felt down. Though the queen was no longer of this earth, a good hot chocolate reminded the princess to be courageous and strong when she needed to.

Every time the princess indulged in hot chocolate she was reminded of what was important in life and to celebrate it often. It also reminded her why she got up each day and led her kingdom towards prosperity and happiness.

In fact, she loved hot chocolate so dearly and assumed that all of her subjects would, too. After all, hot chocolate was the delicious potion that accompanied any magical and worthwhile endeavor.

But after months and months of decreeing that nothing but hot chocolate be served, the warm brew soon lost its luster. It was no longer a treat but a daily tonic drunk morning, noon and night. And everyone knows you can’t have magical adventure all day every day. It had lost its “why.”

So the princess retracted her decree and reinstated another. That hot chocolate was to only be enjoyed when anticipating, or following, a magical adventure, whether that be upon a trip to a far off kingdom, riding an elephant, climbing a mountain, skating on a frozen pond, walking a precious pet or simply reading a good book.

The moral of this story? Take a beat when you enjoy your next hot chocolate and savor the moment. Then ask yourself “what’s your why?” Why are you taking this time for you, what are you celebrating and with whom are you enjoying it?

Be mindful of this experience and celebrate the magic in that moment and let this magical elixir serve to remind you of your “why.”

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