It’s Just a Thought: Emotional Freedom through Deliberate Thinking

It’s Just a Thought: Emotional Freedom through Deliberate Thinking

This latest release by Thomas Sterner offers practical advice and inspiration for mastering, and elevating, thoughts. How we behave, the impact we have, the outcomes we achieve, and the moods we experience are all tied to our thoughts. Learning to understand and re-program them is integral for manifesting positive change.

Fear and anger are not who you are. They are just a thought.”

While mindset is as critical for professional success as it is for living an abundant life, developing a healthy psyche isnt always easy.

Endless demands coupled with the current political, social, and environmental climates, make it a monumental challenge to sustain happy thoughts all day long. But thats not the goal of Its Just a Thought. Rather, this small book abundant with wisdom provides a roadmap for understanding thoughts and how to master them in fruitful ways. 

Over and over again I observe people who are complete prisoners of their minds rather than masters who use their minds to create emotional freedom from stress, to conquer impatience and lack of focus to achieve what is so important to them.”

When you think about your mood—good or bad—you probably understand what triggered it.

Now imagine if you had a conscious choice in the process. Instead of letting someones snarky comment depress you or put a severe dent in your day, you can think and feel differently. This book provides assessable tools for transitioning thoughts and related visceral responses, along with the mechanics of wielding them in rewarding ways.

We must all realize the power our minds have with the thoughts we are creating…It is from here that we are released from the prison that our mind can create. It is here that we can truly experience ourselves as the magnificent being we were always meant to be.”

Thomas Sterner has an impressive resume with many books to his credit, including The Practicing Mind and Fully Engaged. Hes the CEO of the Practicing Mind Institute where he works with individuals, athletes, and executives, helping them master their thoughts and become high-performance achievers in all their endeavors.

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