My Strong Mind: I’m proactive and keep my emotions in check

My Strong Mind: I’m proactive and keep my emotions in check

Niels Van Hove has done it again—created an uplifting book that shares an encouraging message for kids and adults, alike. The My Strong Mind series is a great way to bolster children’s, and adult’s, courage and confidence.

In this addition, his characters Jack and Kate discuss what they’ve learned in school and realize that today’s lesson on “self-control” isn’t that easy. As they talk about their struggles with controlling their emotions they share a few of their own examples of what this can feel like and what you can do to help keep your emotions in check.

As I’d mentioned, it’s a great book for all ages. From “mean girls” to schoolyard bullies and even more subtle triggers such as losing a toy, each experience is accompanied by a simple solution. As I read, I was reminded of a few techniques that I’d forgotten and need to apply more often. I imagine this is a great tool for both teachers and parents and should be included in every home library.

Image Courtesy of Niels Van Hove

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