My Strong Mind: A story about developing mental strength

My Strong Mind: A story about developing mental strength

Kate is just like any other little girl, with a busy life and lots of friends. And just like the other girls, Kate has bad days. She has real fears and feels insecure at times, especially when her friends tease her. When Kate reads a book about how you can teach your mind to be strong and positive, she decides to try it. With practice, she became more confident. Even though many of the things she struggled with before she couldn’t change overnight, she tried. And by trying, her friends, teacher and parents changed their attitude’s too. In fact, she even taught her dad how he could be more mindful and focus on the positive relationship they shared.

Niels van Hove is a husband, father, author and mental toughness coach who decided to write My Strong Mind to inspire children to be confident and resilient. The book is inspired by events in his own girls’ lives and what he’s learned from them.

This book immediately caught my eye and was pegged for the Books Uplift category because it focuses on the importance of retraining our brains to be stronger and more resilient. This is not always taught in schools nor in the home, so young readers can learn, alongside Kate, how their strong minds can help them navigate any difficulties in life.

Image courtesy of Niels van Hove

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