Play Dead

Play Dead

Supermodel Laura Ayers and Boston Celtic’s golden boy David Baskin are spending their honeymoon in Australia to avoid the paparazzi, along with Laura’s meddling mother. But what seems like a dream come true for two head-over-heels lovers quickly ends in tragedy—David goes missing and is presumed dead. Laura’s devastated, but her grief drives her to find answers. Why would David, an expert swimmer, drown? And why would his best friend encourage her to let him go?

In Laura’s quest to find answers, she uncovers a multitude of evidence indicating this was no accident. And what she doesn’t anticipate is David’s disappearance is linked to her family’s past. Compelled to uncover the truth, Laura stops at nothing to get to the bottom of this strange conspiracy. But she’s not alone in her quest. Laura’s strength and support surprisingly comes from three unlikely candidates: a supermodel, her once broken sister and a gruff but determined outback sheriff.

Here’s a riddle: How can you read 600 pages in a day? Pick up a Harlan Coben book. Yes, I did it. Well, to be honest, it was a Sunday, so I didn’t skip working to do so. If you’re following my reviews, you know that many times I start with the author’s first book and now that I’ve fallen in love with Coben’s narrative, I have about 30 or more novels to read.

What amazed me most about this story is that just when you felt that you had a grasp on where the author was leading you next, or where the mystery might go, you were thrown a grenade you didn’t see coming. Three quarters of the way through the book a disturbing clue is revealed, and it changes the entire tone of the novel, not to mention your impression of the characters. After coming to terms, you’re set on another path only to find yourself going down another rabbit hole. If this is the kind of rollercoaster ride that gives you thrills, Play Dead by Harlan Coben is your next book.

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