Santa’s Wish Fulfilled

Santa’s Wish Fulfilled

Christmastime is filled with some bad memories for Roz Henry. Last year, she lost her boyfriend and her job, then her beloved grandfather fell ill. Shed returned to her small East-Coast hometown of Dickens. There she runs into her old high school flame Cooper Brown.

In time their second chance romance blossoms but what started swift and hot, suddenly cools. Not wanting to admit she feels stuck, Roz wants more in her life than to be a small-town housewife.

Cooper, however, believes Roz may be nursing second thoughts about him. Determined to win back her love, he patiently stays the course, supporting Roz through her indecisiveness and insecurities. When something shifts in her career trajectory, he uncovers her misguided need to fulfill her familys legacy. With gentle coaxing, he encourages Roz to find her own happiness, and in doing so, she discovers what she loves. And that magical epiphany extends to Cooper Brown.

This is a cute contemporary romance that embodies New England charm. With plenty of supporting characters and relatable protagonists, this short and sweet story centered on a rekindled romance is brimming with hometown heart and holiday spirit. 

Images and Book Courtesy of Jan Scarborough

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