Happy Holidays and Thank You for Being You!

Happy Holidays and Thank You for Being You!

You know those newsletters that arrive in your email box this time of year from your favorite authors wishing you a happy holiday season? Well, this isn’t one of those. Nor is it an opportunity for me to tell you about my travels overseas to exotic locations that inspired my books (confession, I already wrote a blog on that).

Rather, this is my chance to say, “Thank you” to all the readers, friends, authors, publicists, booksellers, charities, publishers, journalists, librarians, and everyone else who keep the love, and life, of books alive. We’ve come a long way. From writing longhand to print-on-demand, from select publishing to self-publishing, and yes, to a time where anyone can become an author if they put their mind and time into it.

While it’s a fun ride and a great world to live in every day, it’s the gratitude that keeps me going.

I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to find kindness shared in my inbox or online. Time is precious but you gave a few minutes of that priceless gift to me. Thank you. Your words of gratitude and support keeps me going each day.

Gratitude goes both ways. I get the biggest joy out of sharing my gratitude for all of you. I created Books Uplift to give back to the world of books—and book lovers—a platform to celebrate you! The door is always open, and the invitation never expires for you to participate in some way via my author site or through Books Uplift to share your voice, talent, gifts, and shared love for books.

I hope this endeavor, along with my work as an author and book ambassador exemplifies my eternal gratitude for you!

Thanks for being you. You matter to me. Warm wishes for a happy holiday season, Kimberly

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