The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear Into Faith

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear Into Faith

This book by Gabrielle Bernstein contains shared experiences presented to enlighten readers on the importance of turning inward. Bernstein begins her case with the story of her own reliance on externals to find the peace she so desired. To fill that craving, she abused substances and took comfort in fleeting relationships, anything to fill her need for happiness.

“The presences of fear within you will do whatever it takes to keep you stuck in pain and darkness.”

Eventually, she found her way back and returned to the meditation that her mother had introduced her to as a child. Her story, coupled with what she has learned through her journey of meditation, is transparently outlined throughout each chapter with the emphasis on finding peace within and letting go of fear.

One of the most poignant questions she challenges the reader to reflect on and find response to includes how to come back when out of alignment with our power. Bernstein shares ideas and tools for yoking your strength and always prioritizing peace over fear. She also includes techniques for using meditation to help quiet your fears and diving solutions.

The book is designed to support your path to simple meditation and recognize that you have everything within you to realize your worth and your dreams and build a better life. You only need to trust in yourself and let the universe show you the way.

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