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Author’s Journey: How to Combat Lonely Writer’s Syndrome

Anyone that works remote, especially alone in home office, may experience feelings of isolation. While there’s plenty to do, and maybe you have a pet, kids, and several calls or virtual meetings, you’re still pretty much alone. Isolated. Possibly longing for adult conversation and the vibration and headiness of a bustling team atmosphere. While there […]

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Author’s Journey: Fantastic Online Courses for Authors and Writers

The busy life of a writer and author leaves little time for learning. Still, continuous improvement and professional development is critical in any professional endeavor. It’s important that authors interact with their fans, friends, fellows, and industry professionals. But it’s not always easy. Conferences, signings, and other events take a toll. Time away from family, […]

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Awesome Professional Associations for Authors and Writers

Have you ever joined a professional association hoping to gain the secret sauce for success? I have. In my lifetime, and over decades of professional pursuits, I’ve been a member of more associations than I can count. Sometimes, the industry licensure or employer require certain memberships and so you pay the fee, read the literature, […]

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Imposter’s Syndrome

Am I good enough? Should I be doing this? Will anyone like what I’ve created? Ahh, Imposter Syndrome. The inner critic dialogue triggered by self-doubt and criticism. We all experience it, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I recently was asked to speak on a topic near and dear to my heart—writing. Afterwards, I […]

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