Always Watching: Book One in the Elite Guardians Series

Always Watching: Book One in the Elite Guardians Series

This book is an exciting start to the series by Lynette Eason, centered on an all-female bodyguard team.

When her teammate, Maddy, is brutally attacked, Olivia Edwards steps in as bodyguard to celebrity psychiatrist and radio host, Wade Savage. He’s being stalked by a woman who’s made it abundantly clear she will stop at nothing to have him. Reluctant to admit he needs help, Wade finally relents when Olivia reminds him that his father had hired them not only to watch out for him but to keep his daughter, Amy safe from harm.

But the night Olivia and Wade meet, the stakes level up to a deadly bar.

The radio station is rigged with a bomb and Maddy’s throat is cut. Despite the gravity of his situation, Wade wants to forget his new reality and stop the string of hurt in his wake. Still, he can’t shake the feeling that he’s being watched. Nor can he forget the woman assigned to watch his back. Olivia is like no one else he’s ever met. He’s intrigued but wary to risk his heart and her life by entangling her into his world—one fraught with danger and death.

If you like romantic suspense with strong female leads and a promising cast of characters, the Elite Guardian Series is perfect for you.

One challenge is the number of characters introduced in the book. When you discern their roles, you get it and appreciate the author’s introduction of them in the genesis book. Still an organization chart or character tree would be a fun little add to Easton’s series or website. Though this takes nothing away from the book.

There’s a swift pace to the plot with lots of twists and turns, with masterful flourish of mystery meets magic. The resistance to the unexpected spark simmers throughout the book as both Wade and Olivia battle their own demons while facing unexpected threats head on. But like any good HEA, they soon realize what’s missing in their lives—the person who will help them forget their pasts for the possibility of a future. Olivia and Wade realize that partnership in the end.

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