Strength to Stand: Overcoming, Succeeding, Thriving, Advancing, Winning.

Strength to Stand: Overcoming, Succeeding, Thriving, Advancing, Winning.

A lot of promises are made in this title, so naturally I was drawn to what author, pastor, and motivational speaker T. D. Jakes had to share. A servant of God, Jake has written this book for both believers and those who are curious about Christianity. But pulling back the lens, you can see that it is not targeted to only one faith. Yes, it’s heavy on biblical references and Christian teachings, yet anyone who believes in a higher power should consider this book as an inspirational tool for pulling themselves up from a dark place.

“No matter what I must go through, I can and will make it!”

This is the verse that opens the book, which leads to chapter after chapter of parables and verses from which Jakes teases out personal anecdotes and lessons for combating internal and external challenges. There is a central theme, however, one surrounding what lies in our hearts. Vulnerability, awareness, and a willingness to change is what Jakes challenges the reader to consider. Though he concurs this is not an easy process.

I want to be clear; this book is not only for those who face adversity or have “fallen” per se, but rather, it provides gentle guidance and spiritual wisdom to stay any course in life. Jakes writes in a melodic way that I imagine echoes his preaching style and engages his audience. While this book may not be the first resource you turn to during difficult times, it certainly should be part of your arsenal. It’s a gentle caregiver, a shoulder to lean on, and a reassuring word as you dig deep, face your adversaries, and find the strength to stand.

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