The Value-Added Employee: 31 Competencies to Make Yourself Irresistible to Any Company

The Value-Added Employee: 31 Competencies to Make Yourself Irresistible to Any Company

Readers and the BU community often share their surprise with me at the range of books and topics they find on Books Uplift. I am too, often surprised at what books are sent my way. While not all of them make it to the site, I would hazard to guess 95% do get their very own blog post and personalized review. As you can see from my Review Policy, I’ll read just about anything. And I believe that most books not only have a solid audience, but once shared on a platform like Books Uplift, find their way to a new audience and gain new readers. Hence one of the goals of this site. But I digress….

This is a book review of a management, leadership, human resources, and employee development resource that has been around for some time because it’s a solid resource for your career toolkit. And yes, I’m sharing it because I think there are many working professionals reading this blog who might benefit from this book, just as I have over the years.

So, let’s get to it.

Value-Added Employee, by Edward J. Crip and Richard S. Mansfield, is a book designed for professionals desiring to become more valuable in the marketplace. It’s broken into seven chapters focusing on categories of the thirty-one competencies that are continually in demand and when honed, help you open doors to new opportunities and command a higher salary.

The range of “abilities, skills, traits, and behaviors that contribute to superior performance” range from critical soft and hard competencies.

Most of which are required for upward professional growth. While not everyone can master all of them, having a deep and grounded understanding of these critical competencies and setting goals to develop key ones will propel you on the path to success. Don’t believe me? Open this book and think about the person you want working for you, as well as the person that you want to become. This is your roadmap for hiring and upward promotion.

Not only do the authors delve into details of the what and why of each competency, but they also outline how to develop it, the importance it, and where to go and learn more and get training on it. There is also a comprehensive development plan model and tools and worksheets for the reader, leader, and human resources professional. It’s a mandatory handbook for anyone who wants to land their dream job, then swiftly move up the corporate ladder.

I highly recommend this book being part of your leadership and professional development library. And for those who want more out of their career—this book will help you conduct an honest self-examination and design a plan to go the distance.

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