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Advice From Pros: Michael Piekny

Michael Piekny is the publisher and acquisitions editor for Grailing Press. He has extensive experience at growing a client roster and subsidiary rights sales, and establishing a network of industry and author relationships. A creative, analyst, lawyer, and business mogul rolled into one, Michael is known for leveraging industry relationships to build enterprise and a […]

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Advice From Pros: Erin Henn from Booksmart Literary Scouting

Booksmart Literary Scouting is a literary scouting agency founded in 2022 and led by Erin Hennicke,  drawing on her 25+ years of industry experience and combining her love of great writing and film/TV. Hennicke began her career in the Subsidiary Rights Department at Viking Penguin, overseeing  domestic/foreign/audio/& film/TV rights, before segueing into the film industry […]

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Awesome Professional Associations for Authors and Writers

Have you ever joined a professional association hoping to gain the secret sauce for success? I have. In my lifetime, and over decades of professional pursuits, I’ve been a member of more associations than I can count. Sometimes, the industry licensure or employer require certain memberships and so you pay the fee, read the literature, […]

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Writer’s Corner: 5 Ways to Make the Most of The Publishing Industry’s Holiday Break

If you’re a writer, author, literary agent, publisher, or publicist, you get this title. It’s that time of year when all doors close to submissions and interactions with those in the industry. If you plan to reach out to editors and agents this month, odds are you’ll soon get an auto-reply that they are closed […]

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Imposter’s Syndrome

Am I good enough? Should I be doing this? Will anyone like what I’ve created? Ahh, Imposter Syndrome. The inner critic dialogue triggered by self-doubt and criticism. We all experience it, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I recently was asked to speak on a topic near and dear to my heart—writing. Afterwards, I […]

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Writing That Gets Noticed: Find Your Voice, Become a Better Storyteller, Get Published.

This ultimate writer’s handbook by Estelle Erasmus is something I wish I’d read when I entered the world of journalism. Ironically, those are the very same words the author opens her introduction with. To answer the call, she’s created a must-have resource for both the new writer and the seasoned writer who need direction, inspiration, […]

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