Writer’s Corner: Are You A Distracted Writer?

Writer’s Corner: Are You A Distracted Writer?

Each writer has their unique approach. Time for writing, style of writing, approach to writing, location for writing, and of course content of writing. The diversity of authors and stories is growing like never before. It’s exciting. It’s applauded.

But what about the diversity in “how” people write? I’m a writer wondering if there’s anyone out there that has the kooky, distracted approach that I do. 

Yeah. Perhaps it’s not the best use of my time. But it’s working. I write a lot, about two thousand or more words a day and get at least a few hours in for editing. So that can’t be all bad.  But I’m trying to get better. I’ve found these following articles to be helpful.

I must have a kindred spirit out there. Someone who writes for several hours on one project, then later switches to another. It helps me pull back and refresh myself, almost as much as going on a walk. The break from the one inspires ideas for the other and visa versa.

It would be nice to know that I’m not the only ‘distracted writer’ in the universe. Anyone? Anyone? Please share your thoughts below…

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