Why BU Won’t Go AI

Why BU Won’t Go AI

One of my content writing clients recently shifted his work request to revising. Let me explain. For some time, Ive been writing his blogs, articles, newsletters, and ghostwriting his book. While Im still doing book writing for him, hes asked me to switch from creating content, to personalizing it. In other words, hes adopted AI for content generation but feels the outcome isnt his voice, so hes asked me to pick up where AI leaves off and style it to sound more like him. Not a problem. In fact, it frees me up to do more of the book production work which is an exciting endeavor.

But it got me to thinking. So many business professionals, organizations, and well, writers, are not using the AI technology to craft their blogs and articles for them instead of either hiring writers or doing it themselves. Hey, Im not against progress. To be clear, this isnt a complaint, its just an observation. If I need to stylize” the product to make it sound more personal, thats just fine. But when it comes to Books Uplift—“aint happening!”

I started Books Uplift for several reasons.

First, I have a very strange way of learning—I jot notes and quotes down after I read a book or article, to make sense of something or to commit it to memory. When a friend laughed at all my journals filled with book notes” she suggested starting a blog. Second, I started BU on the principle of positivity. I wanted a place where we could all come together and share positive and uplifting book reviews, musings, articles, and stories of people doing great works through books. We all need a break from negativity and the dark underbelly of social media and slam reviews,” right? Third, I wanted my voice to be heard. Thats why my, well…“quirky” reviews and articles will always be mine and in my style—unless of course, its a guest post.

When it comes to AI, Im all for the controlled creativity and time saving brilliant output that is unrivaled by its human counterpart. But Im not for the total annihilation of subjective creativity that comes through in an authors voice.

*Oh, and yeah the picture. Though my dog likes to paw the laptop keyboard, I don’t want him taking over my blog;)

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