The Power of Books

The Power of Books

Reading, reviewing, recommending, revisiting, relaxing, recharging, re-reading and repeat. I’ll go on to list gifting, writing, learning, sharing, blogging, teaching, etc. There is so much power that comes from the words within.

While we know what books can do for us, why is it we often fail to give books the credit they deserve. Just about every successful icon, leader, mogul, change-maker and learned fellow credits their love of books as a key to their success. Whether it was a fictional tale of heroism or a scientific tome that inspired new ideas, books have power.

Here are three ways books have the power to help us be better human beings:

  1. Reading books promotes empathy. Books invite the reader to see life from other’s points of view. You get to step into other’s imaginations or experience living as someone who lives in a different place or time. Experiencing challenges and struggles that are foreign to the reader encourages not only compassion, but inspires support and solutions as well.
  2. Reading boosts intelligence. You don’t need me to tell you that you learn each time you read. But if you’re seeking proof take a look at this. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh and King’s College London conducted a study with 1,890 pairs of twins ranging in age from seven to sixteen for reading ability and IQ. They found that the kids with better reading ability–compared with their twins–also showed higher verbal and nonverbal cognitive ability. * Inc Magazine.
  3. Reading creates community. Book clubs, schoolrooms, libraries and coffee houses are riddled with booklovers coming together to quietly celebrate the power of books. Sure, you can read a book by yourself, but somewhere along the line, you’ll want to share a great read with someone. Maybe you’re like me. I blog about the books I love and each time I meet a friend for dinner or coffee, I bring a book along to gift to them. I also love my book clubs that challenge me to read something I might not have considered.

There’s great power in books.

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