Hypno-Mindfulness Made Easy

Hypno-Mindfulness Made Easy

This latest release by author and hypnotherapist Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Ph.D. challenges you to consider how success is all in the mind. In other words, the powerful and complex network of your mental engagement holds the key to your outcomes. First, you’re introduced to the way the mind works and how thoughts are to be held in external detachment, yet with reverence to the pathways they lead you on. Learn to respect how the mind can lift you up or hold you back and how you have control and choice in the outcomes.

Next you’re introduced to the term “Hypno-Mindfulness” and what that means in relation to your happiness, health, success and ultimately your future.

Stockwell-Nicholas walks you through numerous exercises so you can experience both sides of this coin, hypnosis and mindfulness and then observe the powerful results when they are fused. This book explores all the ways the mind impacts your life through dreams, meditation, expressions of love, emotional intelligence and on and on. And at the same time, what exercising hypno-mindfulness can accomplish in directing your mind to the best possible outcomes.

A book that promises harmony has me at “hello.”

Just the word invokes so much, including the hope for work-life balance, peace with your purpose and learning how to embrace the complex and dynamic challenge of navigating life. Who knew that appreciating and understanding how our minds work is the first step towards this promise. The read is easy to follow and riddled with collective insights and practices. You’ll find breathwork, meditations, exercises and self-talk for experimenting with to better connect you with the process of mastering how your mind works. The author’s upbeat personality shines through on every page. Trust me, Shelley is an incredibly positive person and you’ll feel it with each turn of the page.

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