You’ve Got This! The life changing power of trusting yourself

You’ve Got This! The life changing power of trusting yourself

When it comes to taking the big leaps (or small steps) toward your goals, you may be riddled with questions. What if you make a mistake? What if things don’t go as planned? What if you fail? But in her newest book “You’ve Got This!” motivational coach and best-selling author Margie Warrell asks, “But what if you could trust yourself more deeply and doubt yourself less often?”

The answer is simple: You could free yourself to do anything you’ve set your heart to and grow stronger and more confident in the process of trying.

“Embrace discomfort as a pre-requisite for your growth.”

Self-doubt is the sneaky catalyst that lulls you into settling for a life that is less than what you deserve. But whether this is due to a major life setback or a screaming inner critic, You’ve Got This! is the anecdote to inaction. Margie Warrell’s outlined the path for self-kindness and shored it up with concrete, actionable steps for success.

“If some wildly audacious dream sparks a light within you, it’s no accident.”

I’d first encountered Warrell’s authentic style in her book “Train the Brave” and I was immediately beguiled.

In “You’ve Got This!” she digs deep into what toys with our confidence and provides simple strategies and exercises that compel you to rise above obstacles and pursue your true spirit. She writes as if she’s a friend sitting across the table from you, listening, challenging you and giving you personalized advice on how to combat your fears and finally take action.

Warrell thoughtfully and respectfully explores very possible challenges that have caused you to stall or believe that you’re not worthy. This includes busting through bad habits limiting us based on others imposed visions permitting internal recrimination. Instead she shows you how to rewire your thoughts to bolster self-belief and inner confidence. Throughout all of her books and presentations, she shares her raw, humorous and pointedly powerful stories and wisdom that inspires positive change.

“If you start changing your behaviors first, it will in turn shift and improve your self-perception and, over time your confidence.”

While some motivational gurus can fill their tomes with canned platitudes and hollow affirmations, this book (along with Margie Warrell’s entire body of work) is decidedly different.

It’s something real that you’ll reference on a regular basis to get you up and going in a direction that you’ve always wanted but were afraid to give it a try. You’ve Got This! is by your side every step of the way.

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