Are Writing and Reading Guilty Pleasures?

Are Writing and Reading Guilty Pleasures?

Attention all you writers and readers out there. I’m certain that if you are anything like me, you sometimes feel guilty about spending time in this world of luxury—writing and reading. There is something so exciting, fun and indulgent about the world of books that, just like eating your favorite pint of ice cream, when the time is up you may feel a little bit guilty.

I get it.

While I do receive royalties, I don’t make a living off my writing; therefore, it’s classified as a hobby (or perhaps a passion). So, when I spend time playing with my toys (or in this case, my laptop) I feel a tug of guilt knowing that I could have been putting in an extra hour of work or cleaning that closet that’s long overdue.

Though this is something that challenges me each time I sit down to write, I have found a way to push past the guilt and make writing (and reading) a priority for me. Like exercise, there is something that comes from taking time away from “work” to take care of you. Whether it’s mental health, spiritual health, physical health or a sense of community, taking care of yourself is a must in order to be able to do what you do to “pay the bills.”

What about you? Do you ever feel as if your writing (and reading) is a little like spoiling yourself?

This is no excuse to put it off until you are absolutely free of all the work that needs your attention. Because if you think about it, the work never ends. It’s like not eating until you are done with all the personal and professional obligations that will come your way. It’s unheard of.

With that being said, I’ve gone back to writing (and reading) every single day. It’s taken me eight years to get here but I’m back—reading, reviewing, writing, pitching, creating and sharing. And when I can’t possibly make the time on a very hectic day, I double down the next day—guilt free!

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