The Impact Makers: Voices of Leadership

The Impact Makers: Voices of Leadership

Leadership expert and podcast host, Dan Albaum has authored a unique book of collective wisdom around exceptional leadership. In this book, and on his Market Impact Insights podcast, Albaum interviews top leaders in the industry and has tapped his vast network for valuable lessons on leadership success. Some of the key areas of focus in this book include Innovation, Relationships, Diversity, Data, Exceptional Leadership, and my favorite, Optimism.

This book not only offers depth of perspective but is designed in a how to” approach for ratcheting up leadership excellence.

Albaum has sifted through the astronomical number of desired leadership behaviors and presents key characteristics for creating positive impact and results. Then, with the help of his fellow Impact Makers,” walks the reader step-by-step through the process. The leaders the author has interviewed are diverse and hold a wide range of positions in various industries, giving a well-rounded take on each chapters topic. A strong representation from tech companies, retail giants, manufacturers, business analysts, and financial firms share their personal experiences and hard-won lessons in learning and applying these essential leadership strategies.

Whats refreshing about Impact Makers is the continually reinforced emphasis on authenticity and ownership, character traits indicative of impactful leaders.

The experts, the authors worked alongside, partnered with, and interviewed, share honest opinions and suggestions around complex topics like combatting disengagement by conducting meaningful interactions and prioritizing transparency. While that may seem like an obvious approach to deterring productivity loss, their unique approaches coupled with a shared emphasis on long-term commitment offer invaluable leadership lessons.

What makes this book different from other leadership books? Well, the voices. And thats exactly what I imagine Albaum hoped to offer—diverse expertise, a collection of innovative leadership approaches, and authentic stories of wins and whoops.” This book, and his accompanying podcast, provides the readers a rare opportunity to sit around the table and discover new ways to stretch beyond simple leadership and attain sustainable results. In other words, become an Impact Maker.”

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