Done Being Single: A Late Bloomer’s Guide to Love

Done Being Single: A Late Bloomer’s Guide to Love

All those looking for love should read this quirky, funny, blunt, “get ‘er done” guide to finding your happily ever after by dating and relationship coach, and podcast host, Treva Brandon Scharf. 

Imagine meeting your bestie for drinks. You launch into your diatribe about the ups and downs of single life, sharing your stumbles and grueling lessons learned. Then you end it all with “I give up.” Suddenly, this friend reaches across the table, slaps you across the face, and says, “Snap out of it!”

As you reel from this “Moonstruck Moment,” your friend shares innumerable reasons why you shouldn’t quit on love.

Then they back this plea up with real-life examples, hard-won lessons, and no-fail strategies to ensure your success. Why should you believe them? Because they’ve been there, and finally at the age of fifty, found true love. That, in my opinion, is what reading Done Being Single feels like. Engaging in a funny, yet startlingly serious dolling out of hard truths to keep your spirits up and sights on the prize—love.  

As I read Done Being Single, I found myself blushing, smiling, and laughing out loud as I read the witty prose and raw accounts of the author’s experiences finding love. Brandon Scharf holds nothing back. From her first sexual encounter to dating “Voldemort,” and onto her collection of Test-Driven Takeaways, the author’s anecdotes are amusing but her advice is rock solid.

Now, I can’t speak for all the singles out there, but I have purchased a copy of this book for a friend who’s fifty and dating. My hope is that she finds this book a breath of fresh air as well as a supportive guide. Most importantly, I hope she takes away this critical lesson…

“There’s nothing wrong with taking your time to find love.”

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