6 Picks: Books That Inspire Kids to Be Go-Getters

6 Picks: Books That Inspire Kids to Be Go-Getters

Who doesnt need a little inspiration? Kids, like adults, need to be reminded of their self-worth and their innate abilities and of course, books are a great way to deliver this. While self-help and motivational books are probably the most frequented adult shelves in bookstores, the inspirational tomes for children and teens are growing in popularity. Not only are parents and caregivers encouraging their charges to read these books, but young readers and on to new adults are craving books that motivate, inspire, heal, and empower.

The following six picks are fantastic foundational books for your young readers empowerment library:  

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez by Andrea Beaty and Illustrated by David Roberts. Part of the Questioneers series, this book inspires kids to think big, think for themselves, and think about solutions to everyday problems. When little Sofias Abuelo hurts his ankle and cant walk her to school, Sofia takes matters into her own hands. Mount Trashmore, the local landfill where her Abuelo got hurt, needs to be transformed. She decides to take her request to City Hall. Despite getting told shes just a kid,” Sofia doesnt give up and sets out to prove what one kid can do!

The Astronomically Grand Plan by Rie Neal and Illustrated by Talitha Shipman. Seriously adorable, yet adorably serious, this is the first in a brand-new chapter book series about a young girl, Astrid, who plans to be the first astronaut in space with hearing aids. Talk about empowering. Not only does this book for the youngest of readers inspire bold goals but uplifts a community of achievers who dont let limitations deter them from their dreams. This book also explores the dynamic relationship between best friends and the importance of supporting each others personal passions.

The Book of Dares: 100 Ways for Boys to Be Kind, Bold, and Brave by Ted Bunch and Anna Marie Johnson Teague. Timely and relevant, this collection of 100 inspiring and fun challenges for boys provides creative and productive outlets to heighten emotional well-being. The book invites young men to find their authentic voice and their life purpose. It dares them to step into leadership at a young age—defending themselves, their culture, their community, and their environment. 

Zen Pencils: Inspirational Quotes for Kids by Gavin Aung Than. This isnt a heavy book, but it inspires some heavy thinking. Drawing from inspirational quotes, the author and artist shares stories from trailblazing wisdom and inspires readers of all ages to reflection, discovery, and greatness.

Little People, BIG DREAMS: Inspiring Writers: 3 books from the best-selling series! Maya Angelou – Anne Frank – Jane Austen by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and Lisbeth Kaiser. Introducing the very young to three inspirational writers—Maya Angelou, Anne Frank, and Jane Austin, this set of books is designed to inspire little dreamers. The books share a brief overview of the struggles of these beloved women authors and how their stories, and writings, changed the world. This is just one set in the BIG DREAMS collection of empowering books for young readers.

A Simple Idea to Empower Kids: Based on the Power of Love, Choice, and Belief by Kathleen Boucher. This book is about how kids can use the Law of Attraction to achieve anything they want. It is unique because it uses the power of love, choice, and belief to teach the Law of Attraction. It will help all kids achieve anything their hearts desire.

Images Courtesy of Kathleen Boucher, Abrams Kids, Random House Kids, and Quarto Publishing

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