Book Teaser: A Very Dinosaur Birthday

Book Teaser: A Very Dinosaur Birthday

Your family will roar with laughter at this funny read-aloud from Adam Wallace, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the How to Catch series. What if dinosaurs showed up at your birthday party? From prehistoric presents to games crashing out of control and your snacks going extinct, it’s a dino disaster!

Dinosaurs are big, and strong, and scary, and farty, so do you really want them coming to your birthday party? Watch out! Birthdays will never be the same with this silly picture book adventure featuring lively rhymes and hilarious illustrations!

A Very Dinosaur Birthday is perfect for

  • children 4 to 10 years old and dino lovers of all ages
  • fans ofDragons Love Tacos and How to Catch a Dinosaur
  • fun family story times and getting the giggles out before bed
  • a gift for birthdays and other celebrations

A Very Dinosaur Birthday is available wherever books are sold on June 20, 2023. Find your favorite book retailer here. Click here to view the book trailer.

How Adam Wallace hopes it uplifts readers (at the very least, makes them smile!): I have a little saying I say to myself each day, especially before I write, that I want my stories to reach as many kids as possible and to raise the vibration of the planet. In my mind, this means the stories leave people feeling better when they finish them than when they began. So that’s my vision for the book. For it to be a story that children want to hear again and again because it makes them feel good, and a book that parents enjoy reading again and again because it makes their children feel good … and them too! I want it to be a book that makes kids laugh, the greatest sound in the universe. I want it to help kids dream, believe, imagine and create their own stories, let their minds run free, let them see that anything is possible when you are the one creating it.

Images and Interview Courtesy of Smith Publicity, Inc.

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