A Hippy-Hoppy Toad

A Hippy-Hoppy Toad

The latest children’s picture book by best-selling author Peggy Archer and illustrator Anne Wilsdorf is a tale of a toad who’s misplaced from his home as he dodges, dashes, tumbles and hops away from pending danger. Birds, branches, humans and animals all nudge this teeny toad further along down the road and away from his perch on a twig.

This rhyming adventure is a perfect story time read for young children, concluding back at the beginning with the toad on the twig.

The fact that this story has both a lyrical and circuitous rhythm makes me imagine a child begging “read it again.” And each time you do, you’ll enjoy the story once more. And like Archer, you’ll wonder where he once began the next time you see a teeny toad on the side of the road.

Source: Peggy Archer

Image Courtesy of Author

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