In Tune

In Tune

The romantic reads by JN Welsh are contemporary, sexy, and transportive. They take you places—lavish lifestyles, cosmopolitan venues, enviable settings—make you think, and yes, make you smile. Her latest book, In Tune, follows her pattern of turning out sexy romances with strong, gritty, and stylish protagonist leads in the music industry.

In Tune tells the story of Luke Anderson, star DJ in need of a manager. Seems simple, but his baggage and attitude need some serious damage control. But the one his agent presents, music manager wiz, Leona Leo” Sable, doesnt bolster his confidence. Desperate he throws down the gauntlet and challenges Leo to make him a believer. Leos fighting her own demons, jilted and publicly humiliated by her celebrity ex and struggling to find her professional footing, shes all but forced to take Luke on as a client. Leo acquiesces to help her long time friend, but deep down theres an itch she needs to scratch—to prove herself worthy of being back at the top of her game and to make Luke Anderson eat his words. 

Fun and entertaining, this is a must-read for fans of fast-paced contemporary romances.

Not only was I impressed by Welshs creative writing and thoughtful story lines and settings, but her knowledge of the music industry is impressive. This is an author to watch, follow, read, and rave about! 

Image and Book Courtesy of MLBPublicity

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