Just Right Jillian

Just Right Jillian

If a child in your life is insecure, gift them the book Just Right Jillian from Nicole D. Collier. This adorable book meets young children where they are at and encourages them to believe in themselves.

Fifth-grader Jillian is super shy and will do what her friends and teachers ask of her. She just wants to fit in and be normal. But her reticence and shyness soon get in the way of her happiness. Then something magical happens. Little chicks are brought in to hatch in her classroom and Jillian is invited to be part of a school competition. Both events coax Jillian out of her shell.

There’s a great moment in the story that I believe resonates with many children (and adults). Jillian shares why she didn’t speak up and try in class. She wasn’t sure about her answer to a question. When pressed, she explains, “People always think different means wrong.” Her shyness holds her back. And when all eyes turn toward her, emotions take over. She becomes even more shy, nervous, and embarrassed—all the feelings experienced when confidence wains and uncertainty set in.

Jillian takes several bold steps including the biggest by competing in the Mindbenders, a school competition. And though she contemplates quitting and faces many hurdles along the way, she finds a way to break through her timidity. Along with the support of her teacher, Ms. Warren, her parent’s continued encouragement and bolstering from her new friends, Jillian finds her voice.

A great book to share with children of any age.

Source: Netgalley

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