Novellas aren’t Novel but are Growing in Appeal

Novellas aren’t Novel but are Growing in Appeal

Guest Post by Marketing Guru and Author Advocate, James B. Abt

The concept of novellas is not novel, but it seems like they have become more popular recently among readers and authors. The definition of a novella is not exactly clear. The gist is they’re longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.

What is clear, novellas can offer readers equal enjoyment with less of a time commitment and for authors they provide a way to share their untold stories.

“I’ve read more than 150 books in the last few years and novellas certainly rank among my favorites,” said Chris Miller, reviewer for Best Thriller Books. “Well-written novellas offer a concentrated adrenaline shot, along with compelling characters and intriguing storylines equal to any full-length novel.”

Some recent thriller novellas Chris recommends, include: Assassin’s Dawn by Ward Larsen, SCARS by Andrews & Wilson and Ransomed Daughter by Eric Bishop.

For authors, novellas not only provide an opportunity to share their stories and further their careers, but they allow them to appeal to readers in a way that aligns with how information is consumed in 2024.

“Not everyone has the time or the inclination to dedicate to reading a book any more, especially one written by an author that is new to them,” said Terrence McCauley, award winning and #1 bestselling author. “I believe novellas are a great way to introduce readers to a writer’s work, which may lead them to purchasing the author’s other books.”

How will the publishing industry react to the demand for novellas that can supply stories from established and new authors that will allow them to gain new readers?

Rather than wait and find out, Chris and Terrence are among a group of award-winning authors and marketers and leading thriller reviewers who have formed SilverBack Publishing, a firm focused specifically on novellas.

SilverBack offers a unique and valuable platform for authors, while eliminating the numerous challenges of publishing. Authors understand writing their stories is only the start of the process. There are still issues, such as finding beta readers, editing, formatting, cover design, distribution and marketing.

The firm also offers readers rare access and influence throughout the publication process, from determining the cover design to having a chance to have a character in the book named after them.

SilverBack’s first novella, Chicago ‘63, is based on actual events, involving a plot to kill President Kennedy during his visit to Chicago on November 2, 1963. It will be published on February 13, 2024 and it is already receiving rave reviews.

Chicago ‘63 is historical fiction at its best,” said I.S. Berry,author of The Peacock and the Sparrow, a New Yorker & NPR Best Book of 2023. “Equal parts gripping, gritty, heartbreaking, and revelatory. You’ll be turning pages and thinking about what-ifs deep into the night.”

SilverBack has three more novellas scheduled for 2024 and several more in development from authors who want to share smaller stories that pack a big punch.

James B. Abt is the founder of Behind The Screens Designs, an integrated marketing firm which has promoted more than 100 books, including numerous New York Times #1 Best Sellers. He is also a partner in Best Thriller Books and SilverBack Novellas. You can follow him on Twitter/X.

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