Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog

Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog

This cute picture book, by Michelle Lander Feinberg and illustrated by Anna Mosca, shares the story of Cooper, a shelter dog with a mind of his own. The five children in his family, along with their parents, treat Cooper like hes one of their own. From dining at the table, to skiing with the family and even attending the ballet. He even goes off on his own adventure before returning to his family once again.

While this story is for kids, adults will relate to how much a pet can become part of the family…to a fault. This is Coopers story. And hes an exceptional pet, almost human-like in his behaviors. But that makes the story fun for readers, especially those whose lives are guided by their pets. Ahem, I can relate.

If your kids love pets, or are considering getting a pet, this story will demonstrate how quickly they become swept up in their ownerslives, so much so, that they can become another child altogether.

Book and Images Courtesy of Michelle Lander Feinberg

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