Reluctant Hearts

Reluctant Hearts

This is a swift but satisfying read by author Linda Griffin. Rather than a one and done romance, it’s a collection of short romantic romps between two people who are reluctant to give their hearts.

The characters, while diverse and charmingly unique, share many common threads.

For one, they are manifestations of very relatable working-class characters struggling to drive forward and make the most of what life has handed them; they each find themselves arrested by someone they can’t forget. As they attempt to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones, they find themselves consumed by the powerful tug of attraction. As they flirt on the fringes of desire, they each come face-to-face with the ultimate challenge—should they take a chance on love?

I would imagine all readers would find themselves in one of these characters, from the neighborly Beth Parker who gets a second chance with a high school crush, to single mother, Kate Howard caring for her six-year-old child with muscular dystrophy.

Each character harbors baggage and broken hearts but discovers that life and love are just a courageous step away.

Book and Image Courtesy of Linda Griffin

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