Rohan and Nyra and Big Sister’s Bet

Rohan and Nyra and Big Sister’s Bet

This unique, rhyming, picture book by Anthony C. Delauney and illustrated by Chiara Civati shares the story of a special bond between a boy and his big sister. Rohan is thrilled when his sister arrives and brings him a gift—a football. Excited to play with his new toy, Rohan takes his sister Nyra up on her offer to toss the ball around. After a few tosses, Nyra proposes a bet. Its all or nothing, Rohan must catch the ball with no drops to win a dollar from his sister. Of course, he accepts, and the bet begins. Without giving away the outcome, theres a hard lesson learned.

Delauney is a financial advisor with a passion for helping families. Rohan and Nyra is the third book in his Owning the Dash KidsBook series. While this story is cute and entertaining for children, what struck me about this book is the creative way to teach several lessons. Though the authors intent is to introduce financial acumen, I see others embedded within—one of patience, one on materialistic caution, and one on accepting defeat—lessons we, both children and adults, should remember each day.

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