So Close

So Close

This book took my breath away. The cover was gorgeous, the writing was enthralling, the plot and point of views, incredible. Sylvia Day is a master storyteller and this first installment in her new Blacklist series has me hooked.

Wealthy, successful widower, Kane Black is hailed as the sexiest, most eligible bachelor in Manhattan. Women want him, men want to be him. But he only wants women in similar look to his dead wife, Lily. Living alone under the shadow of her portrait, driven to fulfill Lilys wish of rebuilding his familys legacy into an empire, Kane ignores the family hes saved from financial ruin. But when his dead wife, Lily mysteriously reappears, his world is upended and his family floods back into his life. Obsessed with keeping Lily secluded from their influence and safe from harm, Kane and Witte, his trusted majordomo, work to keep the circling predators at bay—all while uncovering the truth about Lilys secret past. 

What instantly hooked me on this book was the various points of view that circle around a silent protagonist.

Kane Blacks side of the story is never shared firsthand. Rather, its told by those closest to him, his wife, his mother, his former lover, and his majordomo. This interesting approach, coupled with the fast-paced storyline, drew me in. The mystifying plot, dimensional characters, and rich descriptive, earmarks of this brilliant author, kept me reading on and on. Darkly sensual and puzzlingly clever are just a few descriptors of this un-put-downable book I read in one sitting.

Images and Book Courtesy of Smith Publicity, Inc. 

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