The Dead Won’t Tell

The Dead Won’t Tell

When youre assigned to report on a case that rattles a community, you need to watch your back—especially when it becomes personal.

Historian and journalist, Abbie Adams, is handed a cold-case murder dating back to 1969. With the opportunity to take up the thread from her injured colleague, and positively impact her byline, Abbie jumps in full bore. However, when she stumbles upon disturbing facts, uncovers buried truths, and her prime witness ends up dead, Abbie finds herself in danger and a target of one of the most powerful families in her sleepy, southern, college town.

Abbie Adams is a likable and approachable character, a mom, trying to make the most of her career, yet constantly being pressed to care for everyone elses needs. But her compassion for the subject in this cold case, a young girl murdered by blunt force trauma, compels her to find answers. Her journalistic queries provoke the ire of Hunts Landing locals and law enforcement, and based on the period, unearths issues around race, gender, and equality.

Justice for diverse victims, often dismissed or not prioritized, while unfortunately commonplace in the sixties is still relevant today. This book not only encourages important conversations, but asks readers to consider the compelling question—why?

This novel by S. K. Waters invites you from the very first page. Its a mystery, a suspense, and a powerful push for transforming an imbalanced justice system.

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