The Deja Glitch

The Deja Glitch

If youre a fan of 50 First Dates and Groundhog Day, then youll love The Deja Glitch by Holly James. This isnt a mash-up of the movies, rather a delightful spin on the déjà vu concept. While there are similarities, this light-hearted romance by Holly James is by no means a copycat of either.

Rather, its a high-concept cocktail of these movies’ finest elements coupled with a healthy dose of magic, wit, and entreating characters.

Gemma is in the market for love but her career, her dog Rex, and her status as BFF to a sparkling influencer keeps her in the background. But the night of her friends birthday party one man captures her attention so much so that she musters the courage to approach him. Jacks unconcealed interest is somehow familiar and much to Gemmas surprise, he knows shes not a fan of the bar scene, yet accurately guesses her favorite drink. Then just as shes about to leave, he asks to test a theory and swoops her into a kiss. 

The next day, their paths cross again. Gemma doesnt recognize Jack who insists theyve met. He also knows things about her no one else would, like shes wearing her favorite shirt and her brother is stuck at the airport. He explains theyve met many times, specifically every day. Of course, Gemma doesnt fall for this, nor his temporal anomaly” explanation. But Jack is cursed—or rather, blessed—to relive these days over and over unless he can find a way to jolt the time-space continuum.

Dear readers, I wont spoil it by telling you what happens, or how Jack and Gemma divine a solution, as its all part of the fun. But I will share that each character has an arc, wounds, and goals, especially Gemma with her dirty, double crossing ex-boyfriend and with her estranged father. This elevates the personal bond between reader and protagonist and gives the book depth.

If you like an HEA and want a fun, and yes, unique book that helps you escape reality for a while, The Deja Glitch is a must-read.

Image and Book Courtesy of Penguin Random House

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