The Most Dangerous Duke In London

The Most Dangerous Duke In London

Saucy romance readers will celebrate the bold adventures in Madeline Hunter’s first installment of the Decadent Duke Series.

Set to avenge his family’s dismissal by the ton, Adam Penrose, Duke of Stratton sets his sights on the eldest daughter of his sworn enemy.

Clara might have peaked Adam’s interest but she has little desire to be entangled in a relationship, especially one that involves marriage. Her first love is writing and publishing a women’s journal that she’s created with her bluestocking friends. But her attempts to dissuade Adam’s pursuit soon wains and they are both surprised by the irrepressible attraction and undeniable bond.

Not only do they develop a passion for one another but discover shared interests in horses, intellectual exchanges and balking at society’s conventions. As they spend more time together, the danger shifts from reputations teetering on the perilous to an unquenchable desire. But first, they must come to a reckoning of their genuine intentions for their unexpected alliance.

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