The Patience of Karma

The Patience of Karma

This latest suspense by Cynthia Hamilton propels you right on the heels of two private detectives as they track down a suspected killer and a runaway bride. Madeline and Mike Delaney run both an event company and a private investigation firm that’s quickly gaining traction as one of the boldest young PI houses in Santa Barbara. As the book unfolds, they’ve been tasked with two unique clients that have them chasing down a man on the run and a couple on the brink of marital breakdown. These seemingly cut and dried cases are anything but. Not only are Madeline and Mike forced to go above and beyond to a point of exhaustion, but they must also put their lives on the line.

Hamilton creatively weaves you into the script sharing what it’s like to be a private investigator.

And what I love most about this book is the unique balance of method and magic. To illustrate, the reader delves into the play book of the detectives, their deductive reasoning, whiteboarding, research and even gumshoeing as the events unfold and clues are revealed. This authenticity is what makes this read stand out from the rest. Still, the energy is not lost in the details. This book is full of suspense, twists and turns and moves at the pace that keeps your blood pumping with each page. And Madeline and Mike are deeply dimensional characters whose lives are still intertwined with their haunted pasts that threaten not only their marriage but all they’ve built together.

If you’ve ever thought of being a PI or wanted to know what that kind of life would be like, read The Patience of Karma. It’s certainly afforded me some refreshing, appreciative and eye-opening perspectives on this ultra-cool industry. And the title is fitting, because patience is undoubtedly the vital strength required in this profession, and karma cannot be ignored. When lives and money are at stake, and there are offenders set on revenge, the past—and the people—always seem to find a way of catching up.

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