A Bouquet of Colored Pencils and Other Gifts Creatives Love

A Bouquet of Colored Pencils and Other Gifts Creatives Love

You don’t need me to share a list of creative gifts for your birthday, anniversary, holiday, or “Treat Yourself” occasion. But I would like to encourage you to think about the “creatives” in your life and what they would really enjoy receiving for a gift.

Journals: Not just for young girls anymore, everyone appreciates a journal. Creatives fill them. Executives use them. Parent’s employ them. Celebrities keep them. Even the military even gives them as gifts to new recruits. Writing your thoughts, letting off some steam, recording your journey, capturing notes, penning ideas for a story, or even using the ol’ bullet-journal planning system, journals are a must give gift. And now, with all the interesting adaptations, cover images, and custom Esty journals you can find the perfect one for the creative in your life.

Colored Pencils: What is it about colored pencils that make you feel so creative? I love color. And adding bursts of it throughout my notebooks and journals makes me smile. Colored pencils are also growing as a popular medium for artists. I know that I love using my collection for art and inspiration. Anything I can do to add color to my world and writing seems to make things brighter and even happier. Is there someone you know who could use a colored pencil? What if you left the “meanest” person you know a bouquet of colored pencils on their desk,  in their locker or gym bag. How would they react? Would their world be brighter? Would yours?

Cookie Cutters: Used as gift decor, for clay cut-outs, as stencils, tree ornaments and just about anything else you can think of, cookie cutters are not just for baking anymore. They’re used for art, decor, crafts, and gift tags. I have a giant box of these that I’ve collected from travels. Some I use to bake with, others I use in the aforementioned ways, but I think little box of cookie cutters make a “sweet” gift for anyone who is looking for a creative outlet.

Thread Craft Boxes: Check out all the embroidery, sewing, quilting, cross-stitch, knitting, felting, needlework, rug hooking, craft boxes on the shelves today. I even spotted a few at Staples. And this creative gift is not age or gender specific. Believe it our not, David Arquette, Christopher Walken and of course, American Girl are all jumping on the thread craft train. Who could you help embrace the activity that can be as relaxing as yoga?

Watercolor Kit: If you’ve never tried your hand at painting before, but always wanted to try, watercolors is your platform. All ages will enjoy the freedom of expression capturing abstract images on thick stock paper. These little kits are found everywhere and are an ideal way to open the door to experimenting with a new medium.

Readers, please share your ideas for creative gifts.


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