What’s Fun For You? Reading—Guilt Free

What’s Fun For You? Reading—Guilt Free

Parents love good children’s books just as much as young people like adult reads. How do you categorize a book’s age appropriateness? Sometimes what’s fun for you is the best way to decide—ah-hem—as long as the maturity level is taken into account.

So you have the afternoon free.

It’s raining.

No school.

No work.

Just home.

What’s fun for you?

What book do you pick up off the shelf, or open in your e-reader, and indulge in over and over again?

What I find fascinating is the consternation that goes into sharing what we read. I have a friend who recently came back from vacation and apologized for indulging in “beach reads” while she was away. What do I care what she reads as long as she’s happy. If you’re like me, you enjoy all kinds of books from “beach reads” to biographies, suspense to science fiction and political thrillers to picture books. Yes, you heard me—picture books. There probably isn’t a genre that I haven’t indulged in.

What’s fun for you? Reading, of course.

Whatever is fun for you is so much better than all the other crazy things we could whittle away the hours doing. Including worrying, wasting or wondering if we are reading what we should be reading. I recently read an article on Bustle entitled “13 ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Books You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Read.” I couldn’t agree more with those and just about any other book. So why do books have to be excused as “guilty pleasures?”

We’re reading. And that’s what we should be doing.

Look at how many campaigns the American Library Association has launched over the years to inspire reading? Reading of any kind is “fundamental” after all so why not squelch the guilt and pick up a book. Probably because we also fret that the time we spend reading is somehow indulgent. Should we feel guilty about time we take to read, too? Boy we are really beating ourselves up for something we want our children to do more of, but for adults, we continue to apologize for it. That is unfortunate. So the last thing we need to feel guilty about is reading.

What is fun for you? Well, if you’re here…Reading, of course.

Guess what? Reading inspires success, promotes brain health. It’s connects you with friends, makes a perfect icebreaker builds your knowledge on a subject (even if it’s buried in fiction), and uplifts your spirits.

So grab a book, any book, and get reading. Pick your story, indulge, enjoy, read and read some more and continue to make books your fun escape. No apologies, ever.

What are you reading now?


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