A Reason to Be: A Novel

A Reason to Be: A Novel

One of the great elements of this uniquely compelling romance by Norman McCombs is that the protagonist is 70-years-old. Battling depression due to grieving over his lost wife, Douglas McCombs is encouraged by his friend to get out of his apartment and start living life again. Grudgingly he agrees and yet surprisingly finds himself mesmerized by a beautiful 50-year-old woman, Suzy Hamilton. A librarian and also history buff, she forges a friendship with Douglas as he begins a journey back into his past in order to create a better future.

In researching his ancestors, he finds incredible parallels to his own life’s journey.

He also uncovers truths, dispels and confirms stories about his rabble rousing, spirited and remarkable ancestors that include a legendary highland clan chief and American war general. This not only gives him a deeper understanding of who he is and where he came from, but coupling that with the blossoming relationship with Suzy, Douglas finds renewed hope and a reason to be.

This first book by McCombs is a delightful read.

It’s not too long and its appeal spans all genre-lovers from history buffs to romantics. The contemporary chapters are intertwined between first person accounts of his ancestors, giving the reader a deeper sense of emotional and character parallels between the generations. I would imagine all generations would enjoy this inspiring tale of a man who finds renewed purpose and a second chance at love. A must read for those searching for promise and hope in their own lives.

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