Alignment Strong: A Strategic and Human-Centric Handbook for Competitive Leadership

Alignment Strong: A Strategic and Human-Centric Handbook for Competitive Leadership

This book by John Quinlan is designed to coach organizational leadership on positive change, using DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man as a symbolic structure for organizational alignment. His Alignment Strong model outlines ten essential components of competitive leadership and organization-wide change.

As he tells the story of his own career alignment, you’ll learn about major setbacks and financial losses along with enlightenment and clarity that helped him integrate with his true self. It was through this transformation that his model came about.

Built upon his portfolio of work as an owner of multimillion-dollar enterprise, executive coach, consultant, adventurer, appreciator of consciousness and reflective wisdom and a biker, Quinlan blends all these experiences, along with his journey of hard life lessons, into an applicable model of change. The model outlines the ten integral processes, practices and systems for alignment that enables an organization to become and remain centered, strong and competitively postured.

Real. That’s my word that sums up this book. It’s real and if you are really interested in authentic change as a leader, and for your organization, here is your new model. The raw approach that Quinlan takes is refreshing as he shares the losses and wins and the heartfelt emotions that went into devising this approach. Not shying away from the blood, sweat and tears reflections, you can see this is a man who truly believes there are possibilities for positive transformation in each one of us and the organizations that we lead.

There is also an ongoing theme of values and courage, integral for sustainable leadership. Too often powers-that-be hide behind egos and expectations, and Quinlan challenges that façade as fleeting and unhealthy. Instead, he models and encourages a more self-aware and open-minded approach to change. But he also accounts for the reader who may be doubting the relevance of this model to their own careers. He shares how newly promoted and potential leaders can apply this model and can demonstrate their value by initiating effective improvement.

I also appreciate the plethora of resources, references, assessments, tools, case studies and anecdotes that help you expand upon the leadership transformation and appreciate its applicable results.

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