Another World

Another World

Do you believe there are other worlds out there? Perhaps inhabited by aliens, mystical creatures, angels or anything else beyond our wild imaginations?

I do.

I can’t quite figure out what they might be or where they might live, but I believe in a lot that isn’t seen by human eyes.

I sometimes feel that there’s another world much closer to us that a distant galaxy. Sometimes an odd feeling like being tapped on the shoulder or talked to in a dream is more real to me than imagined. A dark, cloaked figure in observing us from between the living room walls, a furry friend who communicates in canine, but understands human speech, or a collective mist that takes the shape of anything near by though we are raised to believe it’s inanimate.

Could it be possible?

Are writer’s stories more truth than fiction? Is there another world out there or is it just the fantasies that come alive so vividly in movies and books. Who knows? (Cue eerie music) If you were to imagine another world, what would it be like? Would it be dark or light, much like ours or very different?

I’d love to hear your ideas.


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