Appraised: A Stewart Reality Novel

Appraised: A Stewart Reality Novel

Liz Crowe is a romance author who used the turn of phrase  “Silver Fox? Yes, Please,” to describe her latest book, Appraised. Its a cute teaser to what to expect with Appraised, an unlikely romance between two broken and bitter characters in need of a second chance.

Sawyer Callahan is a widower, single parent, and retired cop whos spending his days as a part-time appraiser and handyman. Hes also an embarrassment to his daughter, Emily. Like any seventeen-year-old, she wants him to move on with his life and stop meddling in hers. His life changes when he agrees to a night out with his friends and ends up spilling beer down the shirt of a gorgeous but foul-mouthed woman with a wicked temper. Stunned by her beauty, he doesnt ask her out, but only manages to offer his shirt as recompense.

Miranda is a relator, divorcee quenching her desire for fun messing around with a young boy toy and an annual Vegas fling. Shes on a mission to forget her past and build a successful career and a carefree fun life. But as luck would have it, Sawyer and Miranda meet again through work. They fight, bicker, then eventually settle on a friendship. Their stubborn personalities and personal baggage continue to interfere with any hopes of an adult committed relationship with one another. The spark is real, but will their pasts, fears and regrets continue to keep them apart?

This is a fun read with the perfect dash of depth.

Both protagonists have a relatable storyline that speaks to most readers but their plights tug on the emotions—as a good book should. The demand for more sexy, steamy romances by Liz Crow swiftly blossomed into her launching this as the first installment of a new series. One delivering up great meet cutes” and hopefully more enemies to lovers HEAs. But I remind, theres a deeper story embedded within Appraised. Once you dig in deeper, you’ll uncover an entire bonus story of two tortured souls evoking empathy and emotion in this reader.

If youre looking for your next romance series or a silver fox” romance, then the well-crafted emotionally wounded characters and engaging plots in Liz Crowess books will deliver your fix!

Oh, and a little fun fact or two…Liz has written a ton of great books, so definitely visit her website. But she’s the first author I’ve met who “Reviews Booze” on Instagram. Hilarious! 

Connect with Liz Crowe and buy her books on her website.

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